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#5646 LCDKeypad 16x2 HD44780 Shield

Posted by adi on 02 December 2010 - 05:12 PM in Project Showcase

Hi Bill, The four direction buttons + select share one analog channel and they are distinguished in code by the voltage they return. however they are using 5v supply and Netduino expects 0 - 3.3v for analog, so most of the buttons return the same value. To make it work you could cut the track and give it a 3.3v supply or make a voltage divider to change the output voltage...i think that's it?? Shame for such a handy shield, i wonder if the fez shield is 3.3v and all the buttons work?

#2224 Experimental Drivers for Wiznet-based Ethernet Shields

Posted by adi on 13 September 2010 - 12:56 PM in Beta Firmware and Drivers

The caveat is that they used the 6-pin "ICSP" header for its digital communication--so you may need to solder the optional 2x3-pin header onto your Netduino. Not sure yet,

I had to lookup what the "ICSP" header is (its all new to me) and found that in one of your other postings that you explain that they duplicate existing pins, so maybe they are not required , If anyone has one of these shields, maybe they could tell us whether there is a socket under there in the middle which would match up with the ICSP header.

#2215 Experimental Drivers for Wiznet-based Ethernet Shields

Posted by adi on 13 September 2010 - 07:24 AM in Beta Firmware and Drivers

Excellent, time to shop again. :D This project is moving so fast! Does the DFRobot Ethernet Shield always come with an SD card holder or perhaps none?... some pictures show one, others don’t, but I can’t see any information. Thanks, Adi

#1870 LCDKeypad 16x2 HD44780 Shield

Posted by adi on 06 September 2010 - 09:27 PM in Project Showcase

Hi This is a Clock / Calendar application on a 16 x 2 LCD Keypad shield. I was hoping to use all the keys to configure the date, but I quickly ran into the 5v / 3.3v analog issue with the keypad, rendering the keys useless without modification to the board. However I noted from one of the posts that it was ok to use the analog input as a 5v digital input, which then responds to the right button key press. The challenge was then to create an application which could be configured with one key! My application starts with a welcome screen demonstrating static, moving text and custom characters. The Clock / Calendar is displayed and updates each second. After pressing the right button, it enters setup mode. Pressing the button again increments the currently selected item ( indicated by a blinking cursor ). Not pressing the button for 4 seconds moves the menu on to the next item. The first item toggles the back light and is indicated by a 'Bulb' custom character. The bulk of the LCD keypad shield driver can be found elsewhere..(FEZ), but I have also added my own enhancements to make it easier to use as well as custom character storing method based on a heap of reasearch and experimentation :rolleyes: LCDKeypad.jpg Source Files Attached File   43.86KB   232 downloads

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