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#28351 NoobShield on Shield Base

Posted by izuino on 30 April 2012 - 04:03 PM in Netduino Go

Is anyone else getting intermittent reliability with the PWM feature on the Shield Base (beta)? Using it as a shield base -- or deploying code straight to the board?

Hi Chris,

Just got my N-Go with its shield base (beta), and I am having pretty much the same trouble with it as Gutworks. Using either the code you or he had provided, the program seems to work perfectly fine (the loop is looping) but the led is not turning off even though !ledPort.Read() changes value at each turn.

I am using the of the Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM. I installed everything in the right order.

Please let me know if you have any idea about this problem.


#27723 Cerberus Vs. Netduino Go

Posted by izuino on 20 April 2012 - 04:14 PM in General Discussion

Thank you very much Chris, I appreciate your reactivity.

I couldn't find the board you referred in your post, was it this one : Link

The reason why I focused on the Go and the cerberus is their processor/memory. We want our processor to be able to handle a music stream from a Wifi interface and stream it to a Bluetooth one while keeping its cost as low as possible.

Also, since we are not experts in building PCB we wanted to take advantage of cheap open sourced hardware to design simply our own PCB based on the Netduino Go design and the components that we're planning to add to it.

I thought even though there are no Wifi Modules available for the Go, one could just use GPIOs to connect it to some module and take advantage of the TCP/IP stack of the /NETFM. Is that possible or am I just saying some nonsense ?

So to sum up, we want to design a PCB based on open source extendable boards (extendable = WiFi + Bluetooth + SD card). We want to use the cheapest modules possible (ex. Wifi modules are often Uber expensive => use NETFM TCP/IP to make it cheaper to produce) and we want it to be fast enough to support audio streaming.

Do you guys think the Netduino platform could help us do that?
(We don't care paying a lot for the prototyping platform, we care more about the final production costs of our fully functional PCB)

Thank you again for your assistance, I already ordered a bunch of Netduino GO, can't wait to start playing.

Best, - Ismail

#27648 Cerberus Vs. Netduino Go

Posted by izuino on 19 April 2012 - 03:04 PM in General Discussion

Hello Everyone ! Me and some hobbyist friends of mine are trying to build (based on .NETMF) a box in which one would be able to stream audio flows directly from the Web (via WiFi). We want first to prototype it with either a Netduino Go or a FEZ Cerberus (Gadgeteer) board in order to have the schematics and the layouts of our final production PCB. So my first question is about the best board to do that. The FEZ board have pretty much the same characteristics as the Go, except for the Go!bus, right? but it is cheaper. For such a streaming application, would it be a problem (in terms of speed) not to use the Go!Bus ? My second question concerns the WiFi module. We want to lower the cost of the box to minimum. So we thought we could use the native TCP/IP of the Go or the FEZ and add some Module that would only take care of the MAC issues of WiFi. Is that possible ? do you guys know any module that does that ? I hope that the problem is clear ... If not, just let me know, I'll try to be more specific. Thank you in advance for your answers, you're doing a great job in this forum. Cheers, - Ismail

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