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#20669 SparkFun TMP102 Digital Temperature Sensor

Posted by omnomnomsies on 15 November 2011 - 09:32 PM in Project Showcase

Here is a class that can be used to get the Netduino talking with the TMP102 breakout from SparkFun (<$6).

I imagine that this approach could be modified to use the I2CBus as well... mileage may vary. Before I forget - many thanks to all the other posters of I2C topics. Your knowledge and experience is very helpful!


Rick Winscot

For anyone who stumbles on this as I did and wonders what happened to the precision of the temps you can get the decimals by reading the 2nd byte (buffer[1]) and then bit shifting it over 4 times (>> 4) - that gives you a value that you multiply by .0625 for the Celsius information after the decimal point.

It was also annoying to find that String.Format doesn't exist and that Math.Round doesn't work as expected either. I used ToString("") with a format specifier depending on how many places you want.

Hopefully that will save someone out there some time.

#20337 Wifi Temperature/Humidity Help?

Posted by omnomnomsies on 08 November 2011 - 01:10 AM in General Discussion

Thanks for the information everyone. I will check into the 3.3v sensors. I had read that the 5v humidity sensor was tolerant of lower voltages and that it would scale the values down so I would just need to do conversion but another sensor seems simpler. I have been reading about Xbee products since I posted and I wonder if an overall cheaper method might be to make each sensor part of an xbee mesh network that communicates with a single netduino with a wifi and xbee connection? I picked up the book Building Wireless Sensor Networks and this seems to be the method he goes with. I suppose the difference is that I'd like to be able to avoid buying a $200 base station and I want to do my own things with the data so maybe my Netduino would act like a custom base station?

#20294 Wifi Temperature/Humidity Help?

Posted by omnomnomsies on 07 November 2011 - 04:37 AM in General Discussion

I've never attempted any kind of hardware projects before. I'm quite familiar with C# programming and someone suggested I check into the Netduino products for my project. I'm attempting to create wifi enabled temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the environmental conditions of my plants and do interesting things with the data. The idea is that they will make an HTTP GET with the information on a schedule. They needn't be battery powered but if there are ultra-low powered options available that will allow me to use battery packs that would be great. After a few days of research it looks like the components below might be my best option. Can someone sanity check these for me? Is there any reason to use the NetDuino Plus if I don't need wired ethernet or the SD card? Does it somehow make the TCP stack easier to use? I also haven't seen anyone successfully use the wifi breakout I'm looking into. I need wireless N capability if possible and this is the only one that I've found? The others all say they transmit on B only. 1x Netduino 1x Wifi component from Weburban - http://store.weburba...urban/wifi.html 1x TMP-102 Temperature Sensor - 1x HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor - If these components seem like they might work does anyone have any suggestions on what other accessories and whatnot I should pickup to make them work together? I realize that sounds a bit silly but I have exactly 0 hardware experience and I'd like to avoid $15 in shipping for a $.30 part if I can help it. On my list is: soldering iron and solder wire break apart header blocks male, female possibly an enclosure of some sort I have snips of various kinds and electrical tape already. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks for reading.

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