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#24247 Many buttons, few I/O pins

Posted by ATXcoder on 15 February 2012 - 05:18 AM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

Does this help?

Yes that does, thanks! I have a 74HC165N 8-Bit Parallel-In/Serial-Out Shift Register from Sparkfun ( on it way so I will be able to wire it up and try it out soon.

#23926 Many buttons, few I/O pins

Posted by ATXcoder on 07 February 2012 - 09:33 PM in Netduino 2 (and Netduino 1)

So I've been playing around with the Guitar Rig demo a lot as a possible replacement for my now defunct multi-effects pedal. I don't really have the money to drop on both the software and the pedal that controls the software so I thought I would try and build one as I have built smaller pedals and other devices with my Netduino. Plus I want to custom design and build it to the way I want it to look and function.
Now that little bit of history is out of the way Posted Image, lets get down to the question at hand. I'm looking to hook up 9 buttons (well 8 SPST foot switches and a potentiometer). I would like to hook these up to my Netduino, but at the same time use as few pins as possible so that I can later add on to the switch if I want to (like add a LCD or some more buttons). Research I have done so far has pointed to either a resistor ladder or a shift-register. After running all over the internet I thought I would drop by here to see how others have solved this situation. Open to any and all suggestions. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated (also a big fan of Fritzing breadboard and schematics, love that application).

Thanks again, and looking forward to what you guys (and gals) come up with.</i>

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