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Pull Up, Pull Down, Pulling my hair out!

18 February 2015 - 11:34 PM

Hi really love the netduino but I'm definitely more of a programmer than an electronics guy so am probably doing something silly but I can't work out what.


I'm trying to use  LSM303DLH compass and accelerator module on a Netduino 1 firmware 4.2 using the excellent code provided in the netduino forums "Sensor Library" by sfugrino on 14th March 2014.


Unfortunately I didn't do my research enough and bought an arduino sensor shield thinking I could just plug the i2c cable in there. The sensor didn't return any readings.


On reading a few other posts I realised my mistake that the ND doesn't have pulldown or pullup resistors so I abandoned the sensor shield and tried to connect the sensor to the ND via a breadboard instead.


The sensor is on (the red LED is on) but I just can't get any readings from it.  I'm not entirely sure where to place the resistors but I've placed them seemingly in every combination I could think of but the reading is always 0 bytes transferred.


I've also noticed that even if I don't plug in anything to A4 or A5 that the code still registers that the write succeeded which can't be right can it?


Any help would be greatly received.





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