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Custom Clock (with android syncing)

15 January 2013 - 02:27 AM

Working on a custom clock that interfaces with the internet for weather, date/time, etc as well as syncing to an android phone via wifi to show missed calls, texts, and battery alerts. Android has some cool features that i can use to mesh the 2 together to set alarms, display callers/texts, and interact with the apps on the ND+2.


Despite being rather rusty at coding the app has alot of code but the memory footprint is rather small (10KB) due to the way its coded to load/unload "apps" to do displaying rather than run everything as one line method. Im using a modified SPI bitbang driver that was posted on this forums (recoded it for use with the 24x16 instead of the 32x8) and the adafruit RTC module.


The housing is just a "rough draft" of what i want it to look like in the end but this will do for now. All it is is lexan that i got from a hardware store and cut using a glass/lexan cutter.


Youtube video:


N+2 using 2416 LED Matrix

16 December 2012 - 10:20 PM

Curious to see if anyone has gotten the 2416 led matrix from Sure Electronics working properly on the N+2. Ive looked at the code provided in other threads using the N+ but one is for the 32x8 display (im in the process of rewriting it) and the other uses SPI which i think is broken on the N+2. Ryan

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