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Capability question..

21 January 2017 - 09:44 PM

Hey guys -

I haven't messed with my N2 in.. a very long time. Mostly because of job changes, and a lot of other projects going on.


One such project is finished, and I'm lookin' to give it an accessory, namely, some data processing via a N3.


So, since my previous playing with the N2 had more to do with networking side of things, I thought I'd check -


Can the N3 support -

Two RS232 connections, at different baud rates.

Recording information received from said RS232 connections into txt files on the SD card.

Connecting (SPI?) to a cel signal (GSM, CDMA, doesn't matter at this time) to accept incoming / outgoing connections.


Not too worried about the details yet, as I'll have to get hardware, etc, but don't wanna have to start putting time towards this only to find out that the N3 can't handle what I need it to do. :)




Data Scan rate..

02 August 2016 - 12:02 PM

This may be a silly question, but not knowing the proper/exact terminology to reference, added to the overhead of the .NET Micro Framework, I figured I'd ask here and get some input -


If I had a data bus running at 1Mhz (high -> low 1 every ms), would the Netduino 3 (hell, or 2 for that matter!) be able to scan Digital inputs fast enough to not lose any state changes?


I know the chip runs at a higher speed, but wasn't sure how much of that was put towards scanning ins/outs and put towards basic running of the MF.


Cheers -


Schematics Question

18 July 2016 - 11:28 PM

Hey all -

Quick question on the Netduino 3 Ethernet Schematics -


On page 2, heading into the Ethernet Controller, there are two references to "VCC18" - Where's the source for this?


Thanks! :)


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