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In Topic: How to compile firmware 4.2 for netduino plus 2

16 January 2013 - 11:59 PM

Thanks your reply to me with how to convert and how to flash.


Can you give me some advice on "setenv_rvds RVDS4.0 is correct?"


I couldn't compile with RVDS 4.0 for firmware 4.2 of Netduino plus 2.




Kevin Page

In Topic: .net mf 4.2 working problem in ethernet

08 October 2012 - 06:29 AM

I coudn't modify the IP Address and Gateway on MFDeploy. when i tried above, MFDeploy was useless or lost connection with ND+ Thanks Kevin

In Topic: To modify the source for secretLabs.NETMF.Hardware

22 August 2012 - 11:55 PM

To Chris. I accieved the goal which i would attain in starting the project to build the moification source with basic compiling to follow the rules which netduino community recommended. There is no huddle to compile the source code even if their knowldge is small or enough. In my compilation for modification source, I learned some idea when compiling the open source such as .NET MF or Linux Kernal Compiliing. my idea is to keep the rules to follow in their manual or guide lines. I say some mistake which i taken when i compiled with below. 1. RVDS compiler is more keen issue with different outcome when compiling. So i recommend official licenced rvds compiler and exact version with which the source was compiled. 2. To install the .net framework with safe or without any error from installing. If here is in error, There is no progress even if your energy and passion poured on this. So Keep attention. 3. .net mf and netduino plus source version which is released by SecretLabs is very important to compile. It is not possible to compile with different version. 4. You must have strong understanding in .net mf and netduino plus source code for compiling with modified source. There is some mistake or unmodified source code, which make unexpected error in your compiling. Thanks. Kevin

In Topic: To compile the source code with .net mf 4.1 for netduino plus

08 August 2012 - 07:10 AM

To Advanced Member. With lucky to download the rvds 4.0 compiler from ARM distributor in S. Korea for evaluation, i could compile the netduino plus with rvds 4.0 compiler. Using the binary code which was generated with compilation, i could make the netduino board work well without stop in booting up or deployment. Also I checked the led on/off with c# programming and server/client ethernet connection. Thanks. Kevin.

In Topic: To compile the source code with .net mf 4.1 for netduino plus

07 August 2012 - 03:56 AM

I compiled the netduino plus firmware with rvds 4.1, .net mf 4.1, .net mf porting kit 4.1, and netduino plus firmware source Without any error in compiling, the compiler built the binary code for netduino plus 4.1 such as ER_FLASH and ER_CONFIG. To my disappointing, the netduino plus board didn't work after deploying ER_FLASH and ER_CONFIG. In my thinking, the fusing on flash was good without error message. My modification included the followings in compilation. 1. Microsoft.Spot.system.rvds. 2. platform_selector.h 3. lwip_selector.h Thanks. Kevin

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