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Driver for LCD with I2C backpack

08 August 2014 - 07:08 PM



I'm about to add a LCD display to my project (Netduino Plus 2) and I'm not sure which driver is best suited for my needs.


I will buy this LCD:


and this SPI/I2C backpack:

https://www.elextra....le&artno=H32320 (a Adafruit product:


It seems like there is drivers from both and, but I'm not sure which one is best suited or if I should go for a third option?


Anyone care to share their experiences using a LCD with a backpack?

LCD panel from old 8.5" Philips TV (a085fw01 v7)

30 July 2014 - 10:55 PM



My small Philips TV broke (DVD drive malfunction), and upon disassembly I found a AUO a085fw01 v7 LCD panel inside.

From the datasheet (Attached File  a085fw01 datasheet.pdf   908.1KB   4 downloads), it looks like quite a job to get it to do anything meaningful :)


How would I go about using this with a Netduino, is it even remotely possible for a hobbyist like me?

I believe I would need some sort of controller and a .netMF driver (can these be some kind of generic or does it have to be tailor made for the specific panel)?


Lots of novice questions :) I just want to know if I should put the LCD in the thrash.

Driver for ADXL345 ( is gone)

08 May 2014 - 09:31 AM



I'm trying to get my ADXL345 accelerometer working with my N+2.


I see a lot of people referencing a tutorial found here:

The driver should be downloaded from here: https://www.loveelec...mFyeS1WMS56aXA=


But the site is down :(, and I was hoping someone could provide me with the/a driver?

Accelerometer controlled LED strip - basic questions

01 May 2014 - 07:42 AM

Hi Netduino folks!


I'm a hobby programmer who have just ordered a Netduino Plus 2 for my first electronics project in 15-20 years.

So please bear with me if too many of my questions are really basic knowledge, and as a non-native English speaker I'll try my best with the technical terms :)


Here's a quick resume of my project:

  • I want to control two LED strip using the Netduino.
  • One of the strips will light up differently based on input from a accelerometer (the top one in the image bellow).
  • All the components will be powered by batteries.

The whole project is for my cargo bike, having the rear light respond to braking/stopping the bike.


That is pretty much it, I have made i crude drawing off the components here:

Attached File  layout.png   671.44KB   1 downloads


I know the accelerometer can be powered by the 3.3V output from the Netduino, but the connection guide most refer to is at "" which seem to be closed down.

Further I know that the LED strips need a transistor to be controlled by the Netduinos PWM ports. But again I'm not sure how it should be wired up and which components to use.


So to sum it up, I hope for some guidance with the following:

  • Is the 8 D cell batteries suitable for my setup, i.e. will they be able to power the LEDs?
  • From what I have read the Netduino is able to handle up to 18V on the Vin. Will it cause any issues using 8 x 1.5 batteries as a power supply?
  • Should I use a MOSFET, PNP or NPN transistor for the LEDs? And which model would be most suitable?
  • How do I wire up the accelerometer to the Netduino? Are any resistors needed?
  • Anything else I'm missing?

Please ask away if you have any questions!

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