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In Topic: Netduino Firmware v4.1.1 ALPHA 6

12 March 2011 - 05:07 PM

From my previous post I have had problems deploying the ALPHA versions.
I have now ALPHA 7 working with the following method.
I deployed the ALPHA7 version and the deploy process hung at "Executing application" dialog box.
I pulled the usb from the netduino, reconnected and use device capabilites to confirm that the firmware was loaded.
I then used the erase managed application from MFDEPLOY, it erased some sectors, the rebooted successfully.
It now works using VS2010 okay


Mine hung at "Executing application" as well. I followed these steps except for the last one (erase managed application - not sure what that means) and it appears to be working ok...

In Topic: Netduino plus hello world web server

08 March 2011 - 02:12 AM

Great tutorial, thanks for posting. As a C#/N+ newbie, this was very helpful. Just two comments for anyone in the same boat as me: - Visual C# Express did not have an "output" option in the view menu. I found out with a quick google search you need to enable expert settings to have that option Tools -> Setting -> Expert Settings - For some reason, the IP address that gets spit out is not the actual one my N+ grabbed. It spit out (which I don't think is a valid address in my network), but after some ping'ing I found somebody responding at (an address more likely on my network). Pointing my browser to that address gave me the "hello world" webpage. I'm going to play around and try to figure out why the second thing happened. I also want to modify this to give me a static IP address, and after that I hope to get it to watch only a certain port. It's probably easy, but baby steps for me :)

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