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Introducing Llilum, the native-compiled (NETMF) proof of concept

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#21 Lorenzo


    New Member

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Posted 04 September 2015 - 02:48 AM

Yes, Cuno is right about the foreseeable future. But, I can tell you this: we already wrote SPI, I2C, GPIO for Windows.Devices namespace. We did it by creating the basics for a new, modern, truly OO object model at the .NET Framework level and using it from the Windows.Devices implementation. We have the basic support for System.Threading.Tasks in the works and 80% complete. We have Windows.System.Theading above it done. I am adding native threading on CMSIS-Core by hooking up the PendSV andf SysTick native exceptions in the Cortex core to our fully managed and fully customizable thread scheduler.  Steve is way ahead in implementing RTOS based threading using CMSIS-RTOS for larger apps and external stacks rapid porting and compatibility. Jeff is 80% done with Ref counted GC for future C++/CLI support.


And all in less than 3 weeks. 


That is because writing C# for embedded rocks, and it is the right (fun) thing to do!  


I cannot tell you today that we will be compatible with NETMF, but things are going great, so I am keeping that on the table. 


Let Microsoft feel the love, we want more people to push a good Alpha out before Christmas! 


In the meantime, NETMF 4.4 is coming, likely in a few days. (ironing out the last of the known networking issues, we are taking the time to do it right)



(gdb) bt
#0  0x00005d0e in void Microsoft.Zelig.Runtime.TargetPlatform.ARMv7.ProcessorARMv7M.Context.RegistersOnStack::Assign(Microsoft.Zelig.Runtime.TargetPlatform.ARMv7.ProcessorARMv7M.Context.RegistersOnStack&)_-973264496 (other=0x1000555c,
#1  0x0000026e in void Microsoft.Zelig.Runtime.TargetPlatform.ARMv7.ProcessorARMv7M.Context::ContextSwitch(Microsoft.Zelig.Runtime.ThreadManager,Microsoft.Zelig.Runtime.TargetPlatform.ARMv7.ProcessorARMv7M.Context.RegistersOnStack&)_-914444782 (
    registers=<optimized out>, tm=<optimized out>) at ProcessorARMv7M_ContextSwitch.cs:374
#2  0x00000228 in void Microsoft.Zelig.Runtime.TargetPlatform.ARMv7.ProcessorARMv7M.Context::PendSV_Handler()_-287133902 () at ProcessorARMv7M_ContextSwitch.cs:472
#3  <signal handler called>
   0xfffffff9:  Cannot access memory at address 0xfffffff8
#4  0x0000951a in void Microsoft.DeviceModels.Chipset.CortexM.Drivers.InterruptController::CauseInterrupt()_124915640 () at InterruptController.cs:368
#5  0x0000312e in void Microsoft.CortexMOnMBED.Peripherals::CauseInterrupt()_-526723228 () at Peripherals.cs:52
#6  0x000050ba in void Microsoft.Zelig.Runtime.ARMv7ThreadManager::StartThreads()_-1627412167 (this=<optimized out>) at ARMv7ThreadManager.cs:85
#7  0x00003d96 in void Microsoft.CortexMOnMBED.ThreadManager::StartThreads()_509920601 (this=0x1000015c <G8>) at MemoryManager.cs:18
#8  0x000001e4 in void Microsoft.Zelig.Runtime.Bootstrap::Initialization()_1691794474 () at Bootstrap.cs:94

#22 Gigios



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Posted 04 September 2015 - 06:54 AM

Very very interesting!


I look forward to the alpha version :)

#23 EddieGarmon



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Posted 04 September 2015 - 01:17 PM

If you want a working implementation of Tasks today for MF 4.2 and 4.3 I have them up on NuGet here:


#24 JoopC


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Posted 04 September 2015 - 06:39 PM


....coming netMF 4.4 in a few days?

read that between the lines. Thats good news.

#25 Chris Walker

Chris Walker

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Posted 10 September 2015 - 12:05 AM

Thanks for all your hard work on this, Lorenzo (and team!)


#26 Lorenzo


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Posted 06 October 2015 - 03:18 AM

We are done with NETMF, we found a last minute hiccup with the SSL stack.. that costed us more than two weeks unfortunately.  it is now just a matter of signing binaries and fulfilling some chores. We expect to ship this week or slightly after.

RE: LLILUM, massive improvements last week, we now have threading and timers fully working. I am thinking I should give a try to Netduino.IP ;-)


Thank you all for being patient and staying with us.

#27 beastyboy


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Posted 31 October 2015 - 09:00 AM

Hey Guys,


I am using the MQTT library from Paolo with the HiveMQ broker but I need some more speed.


Would it be possible to have this running as a POC on the Netduino 3 in the near future? 2-3 months  ?





ps: Chris I am in need of more Go Socket on the Wfi board any chance we get Go hubs any time soon ? 

Van SchOten Ict Diensten en Services

#28 Sandro



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Posted 28 May 2022 - 06:20 AMتحويل-من-يورو-لدينار-كويتي-63399/دينار-جزائري-مقابل-دولار/اخر-اخبار-فورمولا-1/من-بورصة-الى-اسطنبول/سعر-الجنية-الاسترليني-مقابل-الدولار/

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